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Develop. Circa 1839. Chemicals. Explosive & Corrosive. Dangerous. Known to Cause Death.
Develop. Circa 2020. Software & Hardware. Device Calibration & Print Profiles. Safe. Known to Cause Headaches.
I don't make Salted Paper Prints, but I long to do so. The olde days of photography were exciting; processing and printing a time consuming, messy, and dangerous mechanical process.
The digital era has given way to a whole new meaning for the photographic process - from capture to print (and one which I partake) - while the power of the original chemical process and its historical impact on society cannot be underestimated to this day. Exciting! Digital be damned!
Mission: To produce a significant body of work using alternative (chemical) photography and printing processes.
Some Day
A digital photographic image of a brick building wall with a single, small curtained window. Trees in the foreground cast long, late evening shadows across the brick. It gives the feel of an asylum and the wonder of who may be kept behind those walls.
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