Grand Bank Motorboat
The image of the stern section of a motorboat was taken in a museum and the background masked out with Lightroom. A mask was also applied to the prop to give the bronze a polished look. Note: Lightroom no longer works efficiently with my computer and it looks like I will have to abandon it - Lightroom that is. Definitely not spending 3 grand on a new, lower end machine because adobe doesn't want to play nice with older machines.
Iceman under the Moon
With my camera tripod mounted and timer ON, I ran out across the ice to get in the shot. With 1/2 second shutter speed and f16 aperture for increased depth-of-field, I had intended to be still. Nonetheless, me moving added the human journey to the shot which worked okay for me. In the original shot the moon was much higher in the sky, and totally clipped. I changed lenses and zoomed in on the moon for a second shot and placed it on the horizon - post processing -  while removing the washed-out moon from the original composition. The temps were bitterly cold around minus 14C and severe windchill at -27C. A great bit of fun though :)

The Old Lady and the Cat under Moon Set
This old house is composed of 5 layers: The background hills with the moon, the light on the corner of the porch, and the ray from the porch light. Another revision added the elderly lady and the cat.
A Whale of a Tale
The whale tail with water wash was added to the morning shot. The original whale tail was taken in overcast, mid-day light. The color temperature was altered to blend it with the morning temperature (and since modified again from the original color temp -  not being adept at Photoshop brings one back to the drawing board on more than one occasion...damn!). The most difficult part, of course, was eliminating the ocean water from around the tail layer and leaving the streams of water and drops intact. Yo! Now I'd like to cut out a tall ship and get it in there somewhere.
Moonrise over Twillingate
It's amazing how a photograph came to be in the middle of a strange town where one has to desperately find a place to pee...with civilization all around there simply was nowhere to go! The moon had just risen over this small out-of-the-way village! The shot that lay before me had to be taken and I tried desperately to mount the camera on the tripod. I rattled off a couple of exposures but I had to GO! Not to my surprise, the images were not sharp. I used Photoshop to create something alternative as you see here. And, yes I found a corner to hide and pee :)
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