Golden Change
Green changes to gold against a fog enshrouded shoreline. The sun hazed through just in front of me, the background receded to a bank of fog. A twist of two color temperatures.
Dog Berries on a Fog Bank
The sun was breaching the fog. The red dogberries stood out intently against the receding mist.
An Autumn Voyage
The ducks swam the edge of the fog bank. There was little to shoot against so I asked them to move to the left, just a little...
A Simple Lift on the Ocean
The morning light offered me backlighting. And shadow. And soft, subdued light through a distant fog. The simple way of man. I willingly accepted.
Gold on Green
A birch tree is gold. It hugs the shoreline and braces itself to the green forest. The late autumn sun skims the landscape, contrast is golden.

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